Direct Access means…

  • Expert advice and guidance.
  • Reduced legal costs.
  • Clear, fixed fees quoted in advance.
  • Consistent communication.
  • Continuity of service.
  • Fast responses. Fast results.

When it comes to matters of law, having specially trained experts on your side can make all the difference. With Direct Access you get fast, affordable advice and representation from highly trained and approachable legal specialists.

Watch the videos below to discover how Direct Access provides clarity, affordability and faster resolution to satisfied clients.

“It’s a better way of doing things…”

In this video, Nic Allen, Director of Avon Estates Ltd explains how his first successful experience using Direct Access barristers has led to him choosing Direct Access for all his legal casework and advisory needs. Nic says that it’s the direct interaction he enjoys with his barristers that makes him feel like he’s in control. The costs are always straightforward, and the advice is swift and clear.

“Very positive in more ways than on”

In this video, Paul Himple, Managing Director of Go-Legal-HR Ltd talks about his experience of using a Direct Access barrister for a client’s employment tribunal case. The high levels of advocacy needed to succeed meant that for Paul, Direct Access provided the perfect solution, combining specialist advice and expert representation.

“It’s very good value indeed”

In this video, Susie Mercer, Director of Romsey World of Water explains how a Direct Access barrister provided the insight, skills and value needed to deal effectively with a land dispute case. She says her barrister swiftly and clearly explained all the relevant points of law, and gave her expert advice on the implications of her case. Direct Access also proved to be excellent value. With a clear picture of the law and direct contact with her barrister, Susie was able to get the answers she needed to succeed.

“Just having her on my side gave me a huge amount of confidence.”

In this video, Joe Leach, Owner of Cowshed Recording Studio discusses his experience of using a Direct Access barrister for an ongoing landlord dispute. Joe needed a swift resolution, and found that the high level of expertise his barrister brought to the case meant things moved very quickly in his favour. He explains how his barrister’s clear, approachable manner and expert skill set also boosted his confidence and armed him with the resources he needed to close the case cleanly and quickly.