Expected Work

Advice in writing or in conference and drafting of any tribunal documents.

Estimated Fees

Hourly rates ranging from £150 – 300 per hour.  All of our fees are calculated based on reading and preparation time plus either time drafting or time spent in conference at an hourly rate in the above bracket.Example – A conference anticipated to last 2 hours, with 3 hours reading and preparation could cost between £750 – 1,500 

Preliminary/Case Management Hearing* (1 hour – 1 Day) 

£750 – 3,500 + VAT Note:  Fee will depend on the time estimate of the hearing, estimated preparation time and the seniority of counsel.

Tribunal Hearing* – First Day ‘Brief Fee’

The ‘Brief Fee’ is calculated at daily rates ranging from £1,000 – 3,500 to include all preparation, any drafting for and attendance at the first day in Tribunal.Example – Counsel with a daily rate of £2,000 anticipates 2 days preparation.  This could cost £6,000 based on 3 days work (2 days preparation and 1 day in Tribunal).

Tribunal Hearing* – Subsequent day(s) ‘Refresher fee’

The ‘Refresher Fee’ is charged per day, after the first day and based on daily rates ranging between £1,000 – 3,500.

Remedy Hearing* (to decide compensation) (1 hour – 1 day) 

Could cost between £750 – 3,500 depending on estimated duration of hearing, preparation time and seniority of counsel.

Advice on Settlement Agreement

£250 – 650 

*If the hearing is held remotely (telephone/Video) then this fee may be reduced.