Planned Changes When Applying For Probate

Charles Cooper reviews two planned changes which should benefit personal representatives when applying for probate.

Applying for Probate has historically been a complicated process necessitating the involvement of lawyers or personal attendance at Court and the swearing of an Oath. However, from November 2018 an online application can be made by lay executors, supported by a Statement of Truth instead of an Oath, which should make the process more simple.

Where it becomes necessary to instruct a Solicitor, for example where the estate is complex or contentious or the Personal Representatives do not have time to administer the estate themselves, there is also good news from the Solicitors Regulation Authority. From 06 December 2018 all regulated firms will be required to publish probate prices on their websites, which could make choosing a Solicitor that much easier.

Charles practised as a Solicitor and Higher Court Advocate before being called to the Bar, and specialises in tax, trusts, wills and probate.