New Courts To Make Financial Divorce Settlements Fairer

Changes to the way financial disputes are processed and settled are coming this month, meaning that if you’re thinking of starting a divorce in the near future and are concerned about how the money will be split, you should find the process clearer and the outcome more fair.

New courts opening for financial remedies

Following advice from Sir James Munby, president of the High Court’s family division, new-style courts are being created for family financial disputes. The scheme kicks off with three regional courts opening in February, with more regional hubs being rolled out over the coming months.

These Financial Remedies Courts will deal with all types of family-related financial cases. The idea behind them is to improve the application and delivery of justice in family finance cases.

Expert judges and consistent outcomes

Training for specialist judges will also be improved to make sure your case is brought in front of the right judge at the right place. Not only will this help to make the process more efficient, but it’ll also make outcomes more predictable, and result in more settlements.

A welcome change

As family law specialists, we welcome this scheme and look forward to seeing the positive effect it has on divorce cases, where financial issues cause a lot of stress and worry.

When it comes to divorce, it’s often money that causes complications. Division of estates and parental responsibilities is often complex and needs careful planning and expert guidance.

The true value of expert advice

Since legal aid for divorces was cut in April 2013, there’s been a rise in online firms that promise quick, easy and cheap divorces. With the legal costs that divorces sometimes involve, they can be tempting. Yet it seems that people are finding out that when it comes to legal help, you get what you pay for. These so-called ‘quickie’ divorces are often badly managed, and end up being rushed through. Without advice from experts, customers are making mistakes that end up costing more in the long run. Even small errors in paperwork can cause long delays and have repercussions.

How direct access can help

Every divorce is different. Money matters, custody issues and property disputes can quickly make you feel out of your depth. Speaking with an experienced family law barrister can be really helpful, especially when your judgement is clouded by emotions.

Through direct access, we can give you a quick idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and help you negotiate fair terms. We can help you draft letters, and represent you in any court, hearing and appeal. It’s all about getting expert advice to save you money and stress in the long term.

If you’re seeking a divorce, contact our friendly, professional clerks today. We’ll advise you on the suitability of your case and direct you to the best course of action. With the upcoming improvements to family financial law, now could be the best time to enlist the help you need to achieve a fair outcome.