Q. What are the advantages of going directly to a barrister?

We are specialists, so you will be able to come straight to a barrister who is an expert in the area of law with which you need help and advice.
We are professional advocates, we are in court day in and day out, so we can do the talking in court for you.
We are also all completely independent and are not affiliated to any organisation. We are there to represent you and you alone, no matter which ‘side’ you are on.

Q. Isn’t a barrister really expensive?

Depending on the case, we could actually save you money, as if you work with a barrister on a direct access basis, you do most of the ground work and gathering of information. This is the work traditionally done by a solicitor, so it is potentially a huge saving if you do this yourself. We can then assist you with writing statements and letters, guide you through the process, and, most importantly, appear in court for you.

Another advantage is that we work on a fixed fee basis for each piece of work or representation, so there are no hourly rates and nasty surprises in the post – you know exactly how much you need to pay up front.

Q. Is my case suitable for Direct Access?

Not all cases are suitable for Direct Access, especially the more complex ones, and you may need a solicitor to assist you. We can advise you whether this is the case, and, if so, direct you to the right solicitor for the job. We understand that legal proceedings are unfamiliar and intimidating, and trying to find the right person to help you is often confusing and overwhelming.

Q. How do I find a Direct Access Barrister?

We are very pleased that you can now come to us directly, and in the cases we have done so far, we have found it has worked very well, and we have enjoyed working as a team with the client.