Here at Magdalen Chambers our Direct Access barristers aim to make resolving legal disputes as efficient, cost-effective and painless as possible for our clients. We understand that time spent dealing with ongoing legal issues can disrupt the performance of your business, and potentially harm its reputation.

Magdalen Chambers Direct Access barristers are expertly trained with vast experience across a range of business law-related issues, both contentious and transactional. Many of our barristers are recommended in the renowned Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners directories.

Having acted on behalf of numerous clients in the County Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the many various tribunals we can provide advisory, drafting and advocacy services, no matter where your dispute is. We can also draw on expertise across all areas of out of court dispute resolution.

Don’t let protracted legal issues take up all your time and effort. If you need fast, flexible and professional advice and advocacy, contact us today. Below are some of the areas we can provide assistance with:

Commercial Law

Running a business presents many challenges. Obtaining the right legal advice and representation when necessary is crucial to maintaining a secure and successful operation. Your lawyer requires a specialist set of skills and experience. Contracts must be watertight, and business disputes resolved efficiently and professionally.

Magdalen Chambers Direct Access barristers provide swift, expert advice and advocacy across all aspects of commercial law. We have extensive experience in arbitration and resolution of contractual disputes, can offer specialist advice and advocacy on company and partnership issues, as well as construction and consumer issues, and can assist in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings. We also have considerable experience of providing legal advice, representation and document drafting for charities.

Our Commercial Law barristers are trained specialists with many years experience in business law. Through Direct Access, they advise and represent businesses just like yours every day. Whether you need advice on your legal requirements or obligations, help drafting legal documentation, counsel on formal proceedings, or expert advocacy, representation or mediation, we can help.

Employment Law

When dealing with employment matters, it’s crucial that advice is appropriate and realistic, documentation is legally robust, and negotiation and representation is diplomatic and effective. The laws and regulations that employers must comply with are both complex and constantly evolving. Failure to comply could land you and your business in hot water.

And even if all the legal boxes are ticked, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Disagreements, grievances, claims and complaints are a common consequence of employing people. If not handled properly, employment disputes can become extremely stressful, expensive and time-consuming for all parties involved.

Our Direct Access barristers are highly experienced in all areas of employment law. Offering clear, authoritative advice and advocacy, we can help to ensure your business is fulfilling its legal obligations, looking after its staff and operating responsibly. And if necessary, we can represent you to the highest standard at any hearing or formal procedure.

If you need advice or assistance drafting contracts, or you’re experiencing a legal dispute or employee claim around discrimination, unfair dismissal, TUPE, minimum wage claims, whistle-blowing claims, breaches of contract or any other employment-related issue then contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Property disputes

Using, developing, securing and maintaining a commercial property can bring you up against a wide range of legal challenges. From boundary disputes and possession claims to contract and tenancy disagreements, these can often cause ongoing problems for businesses.

Our specialist barristers have a vast range of advisory and litigation experience in property-related issues, and can offer realistic, pragmatic and commercial advice and advocacy that ensures you get the best possible result to your property dispute or hearing.

Many of our Direct Access barristers are also skilled arbitrators and mediators, and all are comfortable in any civil Court, or property tribunal. Our knowledge and experience covers issues such as Commercial Landlord & Tenant cases, Boundaries and Rights of Way, Leases and Contracts, and Land Registration, among many other areas.

If you’re involved in a dispute or disagreement around commercial property or land access and ownership, or if you require advice regarding any aspect of commercial property law, then contact our client-focused clerking team today.

Regulatory and Disciplinary issues (including Planning)

Regulations are a fact of life. They are often complicated, usually difficult to understand, and constantly changing.

Running a business selling products or professional services requires strict adherence to a complex and codified set of regulations. From consumer protection to health and safety, the law is comprehensive and failure to adhere to it can result in penalties. When this happens, disciplinary proceedings or even criminal charges can be the result.

If you or your business is subject to investigation or charged with a breach of discipline or act of misconduct, it can be extremely difficult to know where you stand, and how to defend yourself. Direct Access gives you the expertise, continuity and focus necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Magdalen Chambers Direct Access barristers are specialists in regulatory law and disciplinary procedures, and are often instructed to appear on behalf of business clients facing regulatory difficulties. They act for businesses as well as members of professions in disciplinary proceedings and have extensive experience in the regulation of many industries, including financial and medical services.

Commercial planning is also a complex and important regulatory area for businesses. Dealing with planning authorities and navigating the laws and regulations surrounding commercial properties, highways and environmental projects requires considerable legal knowledge and expertise. Magdalen Chambers barristers are well versed in all aspects of planning law and procedure. They regularly advise clients at all of the various stages of the planning process, and provide representation at all levels of inquiry, appeal, High Court challenge and tribunal across a broad range of planning proposals, Rights of Way disputes, compulsory purchase cases, Highway inquiries, infrastructure projects and more. The assistance provided by Magdalen Chambers regularly takes its barristers to appear in proceedings right across the country, meaning our experts offer a national service.

With expertise at all levels from regulatory investigations and hearings to disciplinary criminal charges, our Direct Access barristers can also advise, assist, and advocate across many other areas of business and professional regulation, such as Health & Safety Executive, Licensing, Trading Standards prosecutions, Judicial Reviews, and Local Authority hearings.

If you need expert advice, guidance, representation or have an enquiry involving an area of law not covered above, then speak to our friendly, professional clerks today.


Here is just a small selection of the feedback our Direct Access barristers receive from clients, solicitors and national legal bodies:

  • “Very professional, friendly & efficient. There at all times to help & advice me every step of the way. Responded to all of my queries quickly and in a very simple way to understand.”
  • “Prepares well in advance and is very confident and so was able to make me feel relaxed, at ease and less stressed out about such a difficult and stressful case that I was dealing with.”
  • “I know that when the Court day arrives we will be prepared for anything and everything.”
  • “We were very impressed that in less than 24 hours he had gone to such measures to prepare for our meeting and the upcoming hearing.”
  • “Went beyond our expectations in preparation and was so helpful the day of the hearing to help us to understand what was expected in court and to take the time to make sure we were at ease with the entire process.”
  • “A commanding presence, with good attention to detail, and great in cross-examination.”